Sundae Club Madness, kids do town planning

The Sundae Club is a monthly sensory arts extravaganza for kids hosted by Komedia in Brighton.

Since February this year, I have been leading workshops exploring sensory experiences with children and adults at the Sundae Club.

The last Sundae Club was themed around one of the five senses: touch. In collaboration with Komedia I designed and led a tactile map-making workshop in which kids and adults populated a large-scale map of Brighton and Hove with a variety of interesting to the touch materials. Materials were constructed to form key features of the city from landmarks to seaside attractions. As the day progressed, the city became a bustling hive of action with not one, but three Pavilion domes, numerous castles and futuristic skyscrapers. Is this a sign of things to come?

The next Sundae Club will be based on sound and hearing and is scheduled for after the summer holidays.

Big thanks to BHCC Arts Development Officer and Children’s Festival Director – Lucy Jefferies and Komedia Director and Artistic Programmer Komedia – Marina Kobler. The organised chaos wouldn’t have been possible without the fabulous workshop assistants that came on board for the day, Tess, Kate and AJ.