Crossing Series

Shoreham-by-Sea Level Crossing, East Sussex
14th October – 6th November 2008
Site-specific, Participatory Intervention

The barriers lower once more at Shoreham-by-sea Level crossing. A group of people assemble on opposite sides and read in chorus from pieces of paper.

A:  I got on the Dart railway to Dublin and I saw the same black rucksack as yours, Adidas.
The girls danced off of the train, erect with skipping steps.
The boy had piercing blue eyes.
I thought the he wore lenses but they were real.
The Japanese boy opposite eyed my muji notebook, and a young man sat independently in his wheelchair on the opposite platform waiting for a train.
He made me think of you.
The next station is Hove.
This is coach number two of three.
________________________________response ____________________________
A:  No more daily commute,
No more nine to five,
No more food from M & S
But it’s midnight and I feel alive!
The next station is Portslade
________________________________response ____________________________
A: This cityscape appeared from the window like a cartoon that repeats its backdrop with a running character in the foreground.
I spoke to no one on the journey expect for the waitress who was handing out bottles of mineral water and packets of pretzels to anyone who wanted them.
The next station is Shoreham-by-Sea
________________________________response ____________________________

B:  30º
260º the French couple talking
25º a strange building
45º less strange
345º three talkers
345º three smokers
The next station is Portslade
Welcome aboard the Southern Service calling at
________________________________response ____________________________
B:  A man with a smooth calm face scans for a free seat. His hat is like a tea cosy.
We are now approaching Portslade.
________________________________response ____________________________
B:  It is the rhythm of people
Crackling bags overthrow conversations
Trains collect acquaintances; remind them of themselves
Some friendlier than others, some accented
Some a voice you would like to know
‘I will see you soon’
It is the broken rhythm of gain and loss
We are now approaching Shoreham-by-Sea
This is coach number two of three

Script from site-specific intervention
6th November 2008