British Art Show is 7 but we are 15!

September 2011, Hayward Gallery, London

The British Art Show takes place every 5 years and shows a selection of artists who have made recent and significant contribution to British and international art. BAS7 artists included Charles Avery, Wolfgang Tillmans, Christian Marclay and Juliette Blightman.

Some central themes in the show were histories, place, site and time. I led tours and workshops for BAS7 with an emphasis on artworks that allude to being historical documents. Curated by Lisa La Feurve and Tim Morton, work fell into two categories; work critiquing historical narrative and work creating its own historical trajectory.

I invited young people to make and design their own artwork that would eventually serve as a personal and historic artefact. We kicked off with a collective ‘Birthday card to self’ activity, which then prompted an installation design session influenced by the many cross-disciplinary approaches to art making on show in the gallery.