The Movers and the Shakers

Move: Choreographing You, November 2010, Hayward Gallery, London

A sketch in planning for my first workshop for MOVE: Choreographing You, a survey of contemporary art encompassing movement and dance at the Hayward Gallery, London.

This formed the first half of a workshop I led for Year 7s from Westminster City School who came to see the MOVE exhibition on a school trip. We then had a go at inventing and pitching ideas for our own social sculptures – making everyday places and situations more fun, exciting and sociable.

Top contenders included:

A complete redesign of the London transport system

A flume-style slide down to the maths corridor with a suction function to get you back up again if you’re too lazy to take the stairs

An upside down staircase

Pac-Man Stadium – a stadium built in the playground for playing Pac-Man card game tournaments