Artist Film

Films directed and edited by Esther Springett

Vishwa Shroff

As part of her residency at Swiss Cottage Gallery, artist Vishwa Shroff researched and developed new work by investigating the floor patterns of some of Camden's most iconic buildings from the period between 1757 and 1947, interpreting them as an architectural archive of the cultural exchange between India and Britain.

Caitlin Griffiths

Artist Caitlin Griffiths talks to Quiet Down There about her 2018 exhibition 'While we belong to ourselves, a part of us belongs to everyone'.

Camden Open Open

The 2017 Open Open calls all artists from anywhere and any age, to bring along a piece of their artwork for exhibition. Recurring each year at Swiss Cottage Gallery in Camden, London, the Open Open provides a great opportunity for artists, professional and other, to show their work in a "salon style" exhibition.