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Gazelle Twin

My film collaboration with Gazelle Twin and the blue hoody began in 2013.

Gazelle Twin aka Elizabeth Bernholz is an electronic music composer and artist. Our first film project together, Belly of the Beast, saw the first debut of the blue tracksuit and hood which would become Gazelle Twin’s visual trope until its final appearance in 2015. 

In a backlash to the 2011 riots when young people took to the streets across the country to protest the injustice of a silencing system, this blue hooded figure first made its outing in a supermarket, wreaking havoc in The Belly of the Beast, 2014.

All films directed and edited by Esther Springett

Since then, the blue hoody has been on a journey through guttural urban landscapes both familiar and uncanny. Gazelle Twin, equipped with her blue comforter, faced her fascination and fear of the car wash brought on by childhood trauma (GUTS, 2014) and terrorised brutal landscapes, seeking shelter in thresholds between public and private existence (Fleshed Out, 2015).

Sightings of the blue hoody continue to be reported although Gazelle Twin’s last live performance in November 2015 at London’s Barbican cinema signified the putting to rest; the end of the blue hoody as we now know it.

Film screenings:
Belly of the Best, BFI Southbank, London, 2013
Fleshed Out, Barbican Centre, London, 2015
Fleshed Out, J.G. Ballard season, Rio Cinema, London, 2016
Fleshed Out,  Brighton Film Club, Brighton Pop-up, Patterns, 17th May 2016

Stills from Fleshed Out commissioned by Fierce Festival, Birmingham and Barbican, London 2015